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Keynote Speaking

Story-driven, goal-oriented messages with high-impact and actionable takeaways using Pragmatic Passion's 7 Principles.

Want your staff, team, or students to be more motivated and accountable?



Want everyone aligned for your 6-month project, season, or school year?

Hire Joe!

Keynote Speaking services for Groups, Teams, and Companies big or small.

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We establish goals.

Let's start with the Who and Why


We craft the content.

We'll collaborate on the What and How


We energize!

Finally there's an execution



Joe provides hands-on, actionable insight.  Discover strategies, tactics, and skills that you can put into practice immediately.

Workshops are a powerful tool to find understanding, promote teamwork, and unlock potential.

Each workshop is custom tailored with exercises, content, and programming crafted to align with your goals.

Whether it be an hour, half-day, or multi-day session, your Team will be energized, educated, and eager to perform!

Get Everyone On The Same Page!



For individuals.  For groups.  For teams.

School Notebook


Develop Realistic Options

Standing Meeting


Make Informed Choices

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Execute Your Action Plan

When you want to take action but don't know where to begin.

When you want to help others but you're not sure how.

When you need a coach who knows how to succeed and win.

Work with Coach Joe to understand yourself, your purpose in life, and how to get there.

For You:

For Them:

For Teams:




A Friend

A Son or Daughter

A Relative




Before you graduate High School and commit to next steps (College, Trade School, Workforce, etc.), let Coach Joe help you understand who you are, what you excel at, what you want out of life, and why.

Our Careers are an integral part of our lives so you should understand the what, why, and how. Many roads lead to Rome, so work with us to discover the options you have and why they work for you!




Virtual Experience

Learn from a distance.  Stay safe and experience the Power of Pragmatic Passion in the comfort of your own home or office.

Is your staff or team meeting virtually?  No worries!  Coach Battista will deliver the same high energy interactive message for you.  Stay productive during quarantine and remote work.  Keep the enthusiasm soaring amongst your team members as you navigate business during special circumstances.


Parents and Students

Plan your academic future with passion, pragmatism, and precision.  Explore your options and make informed decisions.

Mr. Battista is genuine, enthusiastic, and credible. He listened to me and reassured me with his support and advice. I will continue to use the skills I’ve learned from “The Power of Pragmatic Passion” during college and when exploring careers.

Jamie B

Recent High School Graduate

Coach Battista has been a voice of reason and an inspiration for our daughter in assessing her future options. Through structured activities and with a great sense of humor, he has established a wonderful rapport with her and he will continue to be a mentor in her life.

Wendy and Ken B

Parents of Jamie B

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