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Want more Passion and Purpose 
in your Life? School? Work? 

Apply Pragmatic Passion's 

7 Principles for Success!

Why Pragmatic Passion?

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Geoff Martha

CEO, Medtronic

“No matter your stage of life or career, anyone can benefit from “Pragmatic Passion.”  I sent copies of Joe’s book to my leadership team at Medtronic and my teenage kids!”

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Joe Battista talking to audience

What is Pragmatic Passion?

Pragmatic is sensible, realistic, and practical rather than theoretical.  Passion is having an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.  Using your head and your heart to make more informed decisions.

Meet Joe Battista

"The Pragmatic Passioneer"

A renowned public speaker, writer, instructor, coach, and consultant, Joe Battista brings 40 years of success in amateur, collegiate and professional sports, higher education, and business, to assist you, your team, or your organization in reaching new levels of performance and productivity. Best known for his role in the effort to bring varsity ice hockey to Penn State University, Joe helped to secure the largest single philanthropic gift to Penn State, $88 million, from Terry and Kim Pegula.


Six-time National Champion Coach

Customized Coaching

Parents and




Get everyone on the same page and in the same mindset! Joe's Keynote Speaking is tailored to your goals and delivers actionable value to your team and company. The best way to learn is by doing. At Joe's workshops, we provide a curriculum of exercises, activities, and challenges to bring out the best in your people. Whether a half-day or multi-day Event, your Team will leave invigorated, aligned, and onboard with your goals! 

With over 40 years of teaching and coaching, Joe is excited to connect parents and students on their academic and professional journey.  Explore options and develop informed choices.  Stay current on job fields and technological changes that may affect your studies or possible profession.  Joe will find the intersection of Passion and Pragmatism and help you to identify what truly drives you towards a happy, healthy, and successful life.  

Joe Battista talking with a colleague in a classroom

Joe will help you set your personal and professional goals with Passion and Pragmatism based on what is best for your personalized needs.  Whether you are looking to improve your business as an entrepreneur or you're starting your academic career, Joe will help guide you along your path.  Develop your plan and execution strategy and capitalize on opportunities with Joe's proven methods.  

Satisfied "Passioneers"

“Joe’s presentation was the perfect fit for our group. The information was funny and filled with interesting and entertaining stories.  Our employees were totally engaged throughout.  I would highly recommend “Coach” for groups looking to strengthen bonds and motivate teamwork."

Kim Capano

HR Manager

Mint Global, Del Ray, FL 

“Joe has worked with our senior high students, our teachers, and my Leadership Team.  Joe walks his talk. He brings pragmatism, passion, and power to his presentations and conversations. I promise, you will leave his programs with a head full of ideas and a fresh perspective.”

Scott Deisley, Ed. D.

Superintendent of Schools,

Red Lion School District

The Power Of Pragmatic Passion

Available in multiple platforms including paperback, digital, and audiobook.

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Woman sitting in chair reading The Power of Pragmatic Passion on digital tablet.
The Power of Pragmatic Passion digital version on smartphone sitting on top of notebook next to a cup of coffee.
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